The best holiday destination in the Grand Dukedom of Luxembourg

Between the valleys of the Sûre and the Ernz Noire, on the border with Germany, lies what we call Luxembourg's Little Switzerland of the Mullerthal region. The region was formed millions of years ago by the waters of tertiary seas and is now undoubtedly the natural top attraction of the Grand Dukedom.

Since the prehistory time, attract these beautiful regions, that are part of the German-Luxembourg nature park, people in the middle of the Luxembourgian Little Switzerland.

Beautiful forests, with the sudden surprise of strange rock formations, natural hollows and cleaves, with stretched out fields dotted with fruit trees, provide an idyllic and at the same time mysterious landscape. 
There are numerous hiking and cycling trails that run from this village to the village along this geological destination.

Echternach occupies an important place in this city with historical and artistic attractions. You can find remarkable remnants of a prestigious past.